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Mosquito Bits Quick Kill is manufactured by Summit Chemical Company and is an effective form of mosquito larvae control in areas where mosquitoes are breeding and being a nuisance. Mosquito bits come in the form of corn cob granules that are coated in the active ingredient BTI which is a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosquitoes. Simply sprinkle the Mosquito Bits in areas of standing water and the bits eventually release the active ingredient over the water’s surface where it is eaten by the mosquito larvae and they die within 24 hours. For a safe method of controlling mosquitoes without spraying pesticides, Mosquito Bits is a solid option.

Tools Needed

Mosquito Bits comes ready to use but may need the use of a teaspoon or a spreader to evenly sprinkle the bits onto water.

How to Use

Mosquito on water

  • Step 1: Analyze your yard and observe area where you see stagnant water or water accumulation. Calculate the square footage of the standing water area you wish to treat by measuring and multiplying the areas length x width.
  • Step 2: Sprinkle one teaspoon per 25 square feet or one tablespoon per 75 square feet (1/2 lb. per 2,178 square feet) over the surface of the standing water found around the home.
  • Step 3: Reapply in intervals of 7 to 14 days to control the mosquito population in the area.

Where to Use

Mosquito Bits should ideally be applied in water where mosquitoes breed. Some of the prime areas around the home which can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes include: bird baths, flower pots, ornamental fountains, gutters, rain barrels, pool covers, puddles, horse troughs, and other water-holding receptacles.

When to Use

Use Mosquito Bits when mosquitoes are active especially after rainfall when there may be a lot of different areas around your yard where water has accumulated (bird baths, puddles, ditches, old tires etc.)

Safety Information

Mosquito Bits is safe to use when following the instructions on the label. Wear gloves as a precautionary measure when applying Mosquito Bits to standing water.

Special Considerations

Mosquito Bits only target mosquito larvae, not the adult mosquitoes. To treat adult mosquitoes, use Flex 10-10 alongside Mosquito Bits for total mosquito control.

Treat vulnerable plants at the beginning of each damage season. Repeat as new growth emerges, and if the effects of the previous treatment appear to be waning.

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Mosquito Bits Larva Quick Kill

Mosquito Bits Quick Kill is a biological mosquito control product that contains the active ingredient BTI. Simply sprinkle that granules where mosquitoes breed to kill mosquito larvae quickly.

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