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Glass Cleaner is a non-ammoniated glass cleaner that is great for use in industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities. With quick emulsification the formula suspends surface soils and smoke film for easy removal without streaking and the isopropyl alcohol provides rapid drying and excellent film-free characteristics.

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Glass Cleaner General Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner/Polisher PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:GLASS CLEANER is a tried and true hard surface and glass cleaner/polisher. Slight formula modifications have recently been made to meet current VOC requirements. Glass Cleaner is blue in color and lightly floral scented. FAST AND EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE:Glass Cleaner is formulated with surfactants, which facilitate rapid drying and provide the superior cleaning action needed to remove dirt, grease, and smoke film. Ammonia provides temporary alkalinity, which eliminates filming, and other nonionic wetting agents aid in a streak-free finish. Glass Cleaner performs its tasks with maximum rapidity and minimal effort. VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE:Glass Cleaner may be used to clean and polish any hard surface not harmed by water such as: window glass, panes and sills; mirrors, countertops, chrome, automobile glass, fluorescent lights and tubing, and any other glass or mirror finish. Glass Cleaner removes tough soils such as: grease, smoke, oils, tape residue, food stains, dust, and dirt. Glass Cleaner is ready to use; simply spray on and wipe off. SAFE AND PLEASANT TO USE:Glass Cleaner is nonflammable and compliant with the accepted levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The formula is fragranced with a fresh floral scent. OUTPERFORMS THE COMPETITION:Spartan’s Glass Cleaner is one of the very best glass and hard surface cleaners available today. The chart below shows how Glass Cleaner outperforms other glass and hard surface cleaners on the market today in the areas of streaking, cleaning, and smearing.

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Weight 27.5600 lbs
Dimensions 18.00000 × 12.00000 × 14.00000 in


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